Paths to the Cloud


Paths to the Cloud

Presented by

Rick Beers, Principal at making IT real

Rick Villars, Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud at IDC

Srinivas Chikka, Lead, Oracle Cloud Practice at KPIT

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes

Intended for all Users

“Yes, I understand the huge potential value that Cloud computing offers, but I just don 't know how the pieces hook together, what 's best for my business and even how to get started” Is this you? If so, you won 't want to miss Quest 's ‘Managing Your Journey to the Cloud ' webinar series.

With hybrid cloud architectures, organizations can now tailor their cloud platform to meet their particular needs, ensure scalability and leverage past investments, all for the optimal benefit to the Business. The beauty of hybrid cloud architectures is its diversity, which allows, even encourages, multiple paths to adoption based upon optimal business value, managed cost and the need to leverage existing investments.

This first webinar in Quest 's ‘Managing Your Journey to the Cloud ' series will discuss the frameworks, underlying infrastructure and business value of Hybrid Cloud platforms, and ways that traditional ERP customers are managing their journeys to the Cloud. Joining us will be Rick Beers, Principal at making IT real, Rick Villars, Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud at IDC and Srinivas Chikka, Lead, Oracle Cloud Practice at KPIT.

Participants in this webinar can expect to gain practical insights into what hybrid cloud approaches can mean to them and how they can engage their lines of business counterparts in jointly developing cloud adoption strategies.

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