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Hi Christina.  Oracle is hosting a Cloud event for JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and EBusiness Suite customers in Atlanta on January 10, 2018.  The meeting is designed to share updates on our continued investments in each of these Apps Unlimited solutions while also sharing an update on how Cloud would provide value.  Would you be willing to share the registration link with Quest's Southeast User Group members?  If yes, the link is  Thanks.
  • Posted Thu 14 Dec 2017 01:35 PM EST
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Christina,  i must add that i would like to connect with JDE customers in Canadian municipalities.
  • Posted Tue 15 Aug 2017 06:06 PM EDT
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Hi Christina, Is there any way i can get a list of JDE customers ( Candian Public Sector) 
  • Posted Tue 15 Aug 2017 04:51 PM EDT
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Christina, at Reconnect you mentioned a new person that is managing the listing of companies using PeopleSoft.  Would you please remind me of who that is?


  • Posted Mon 24 Jul 2017 05:24 PM EDT
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Hi CHristina 

Youa re the only one I would say who helped me get hold of latest things happening in PeopleSoft, Thanks for all the hardwork you do. I have a question Why I am not able to download any session even after logging in.

  • Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 04:33 AM EDT
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Hi Samir,

Content on the website is for customers and it looks like you are a consultant. We have rules around this so partners can't see other partners content. 
  • Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 03:12 PM EDT
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