Wednesday // September 13

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Day 2 of PeopleSoft International Days has concluded.

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Wednesday, September 13


    What’s new in PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM & PeopleTools

    Presented by Oracle

    Learn about the PeopeSoft Roadmap for HCM, FSCM and PeopleTools


    3 Steps to a Faster, Smarter, Simpler Month-End with GL Wand

    Presented by Excel4Apps

    Frustrated with your current reporting tools in PeopleSoft Financials? Tired of the constant Month-End Madness? Join Gavin Whyte, PeopleSoft Product Manager at Excel4apps, to hear how you can achieve a faster, smarter and simpler financial month end.

    Enable your teams to build their own reports in Excel by pulling live data from PeopleSoft Financials using GL Wand, an Excel-based financial reporting solution. With just basic Excel skills, you can create your own reports in minutes with our intuitive functions and create customised drilldown layouts with a drag-and-drop interface to suit your business needs.

    What You Will Learn:
    Make it Simple - Use our high performance calculation engine to speed up report refreshes and make analysing your data simple and fast. Our intuitive design and online training tools help new users build their first reports in minutes.
    Spread the Load - Empower the broader business to access and analyse their data in a familiar format with drilldowns to subledger detail.
    Keep it Real – Build trust by providing quick and easy access to real-time analysis, guaranteeing adoption while reducing the risk of manual errors.

    About the Presenter:
    As a Product Manager for PeopleSoft solutions at Excel4apps, Gavin Whyte works with partners and customers to ensure that we build, innovate and support the best products on the market for PeopleSoft users. Gavin has extensive experience in helping organisations achieve streamlined reporting processes, insightful analysis and reduced spreadsheet risk.


    Configuring and Using Elastic Search

    Presented by Oracle

    Learn the configuration and use of Elastic Search


    HAYS Recruitment’s Journey with Selective Adoption

    Presented by HAYS

    Oracle is focused on delivering maximum value to our PeopleSoft customers through Selective Adoption. In this session learn about how HAYS Recruitment created their Selective Adoption strategy and how they are proactively delivering it to add value to the business.


    Indiana PTF Follow-up: Can PTF Ease the Burden of End-To-End Testing in SOI Test Cycles?

    Presented by Indiana Office of Technology

    In late 2013, State of Indiana chose to pursue PTF as an automated testing solution. The initial goal was to use automation for improving our cumbersome End-To-End (E2E) testing process. We contracted development of PTF tests for all Financials modules. Unfortunately, resource shortages kept the planned debut of our newly created PTF tests from being implemented during our 2015 Oracle database conversion testing. Then more misfortune when our PeopleTools upgrade disabled our unwieldy collection of PTF tests and our burgeoning PTF skillset was stifled in repairing them. 2016 brought a reboot of our Oracle conversion project and also allowed us time to master the PTF tool and to repair our tests. In Q4 2016, our PTF tests will be going head-to-head against a nearly identical manual testing of our E2E process. I will describe our path to "mastery" of PTF and compare/contrast PTF's results to our manual E2E testing process.