Global PeopleSoft Day

What is Global PeopleSoft Day?

Global PeopleSoft Day offers in-depth PeopleSoft education for a global community. This one-day event offers conference-quality virtual education at times tailored to those in locations outside the Americas.

Session Recordings

Global PeopleSoft Day has concluded! Quest members can access these session recordings and 4,000+ educational resources in our Content Library.

  • Empower Your Organization with Quick Fluid UI Wins Using PeopleSoft Financials

    Presented by Amira Morcos, Oracle

    Oracle's PeopleSoft Fluid UI is an amazing, simplified user experience that enables PeopleSoft to be intuitively executed by anyone, anytime, on any device. You can use Fluid UI to empower your users and deliver quick wins. This session will guide you towards successfully start using Fluid UI for your PeopleSoft Financials solutions. It will include the functional areas and solutions you should target and why; navigation considerations to acknowledge when transitioning to Fluid UI, approach methodologies for the different roles, and the value add capabilities delivered in Fluid UI. You will also see what's planned for future Update Images that can improve productivity across the organization.

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  • PeopleSoft Event Mapping Framework

    Presented by Ramasimha Rangaraju, Oracle

    The Event Mapping Framework will help you manage your customizations better and allow easier uptake of delivered pages without disrupting your custom code. In this session you will learn about the building blocks of PeopleSoft Event Mapping Framework and the vast capabilities it offers.

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  • PeopleSoft Fluid Timesheet

    Presented by Arunachalam Srinivasan, Oracle

    In this session, you will learn about the PeopleSoft Fluid Timesheet. PeopleSoft Fluid Timesheet for Elapsed Time Reporters gives you a modern and intuitive user experience that can easily adapt to a tablet-sized device. The fluid timesheet provides more information like scheduled hours per day and summaries of the hours for both the period and the week.

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  • Why PeopleSoft Runs Better on Oracle Cloud

    Presented by Nagendra Krishnappa

    There are so many cloud service providers and some are amazingly good. All clouds provide basic services - servers, storage and network. What customers need above these are additional services that make it easier for them to adopt cloud and be able to integrate their built-to-suit applications. Similar is the case with PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft customers can opt to run their applications on any cloud, but Oracle Cloud has lot more to offer when compared to others. In this session, we'll see why PeopleSoft applications run better on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and look at what PeopleSoft is doing to make it easier to manage PeopleSoft environments in cloud.

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  • Hays Selective Adoption & PeopleSoft Test Framework Strategy

    Presented by Mark Thomas, Hays

    Hays have successfully upgraded to 9.2 and have implemented a maintenance strategy that ensures that our PeopleSoft estate is regularly updated to the latest image and PeopleTools release. However, the biggest operational challenge with this strategy is how to manage the increased business testing burden.

    Enter PeopleSoft Test Framework. This presentation discusses the Hays overarching PTF strategy, objectives, resourcing requirements, development approach, implementation strategy and the results so far.

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