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This free webinar series explores newer technologies and how they can help your business grow. Topics covered will include artificial intelligence, autonomous future, Bitcoin, blockchain, machine learning and more.

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Upcoming Webinar Sessions

  • Demystifying the Tapestry of Technologies that Define the Next 10 Years

    Presented by George Danner, Business Laboratory LLC

    The future will be punctuated by unheard-of levels of automation, from pilotless commercial airline flights to algorithms presiding over court cases. A highly automated future is a given—the question that remains is how we as professionals prepare for such a future.

    We begin by ticking through an inventory of the promising technology suite that will define the next decade, from blockchain to natural language processing to graph databases. These are all technologies that are available now, but will rise in importance as the wave of automation approaches. This is not a deeply technical discussion—rather, it is a chance to explain, at a business application level, these technologies, how they work, and the kinds of problems they solve well. We will also put a lasso around the whole suite to suggest how these technologies work in concert to tackle immensely complicated tasks that humans do today, even those tasks that involve a great deal of judgement and reasoning. Finally, we will have some very specific “to dos” for those in attendance—things that you can do in your own firms to prepare yourself and your organizations to meet the challenges of automation.

  • Cloud Applications - HCM Build Your Own Chatbot

    Presented by Debra Lilley, Certus Solutions

    Do chatbots have a place in your HR department? See us build a simple chatbot to use with HCM cloud using Mobile Cloud Services and Oracle's Rapid Development Toolkit. This session deconstructs the chatbot to explain how it works.

  • Disruptive Technologies: Drones, Blockchain, AI, ML, Augmented Reality - Discover the Possibilities

    Presented by Gustavo Barizon, Innova9

    What's reserved in the future for JD Edwards? How could JD Edwards adapt itself on emerging disruptive technologies? Come to this futuristic session to learn more about the possibilities reserved for JD Edwards and as well as the ERP industry. From Blockchains on Smart Contracts, Self Driving fleet, Smart Factories on Industry 4.0, to Drones for aerial photography, JD Edwards has a great potential to adapt and lead in these fields.

  • Unlock the Hidden Value of Chatbots For Your Customer Service Strategy

    Presented by guest speaker Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Chatbots have strong appeal as firms bring mass personalization to customers. Cost savings are the best-known benefit, but less-well-known benefits include insights from unstructured data, cost optimization, and experience improvement for customers and agents. This report details how application development and delivery (AD&D) pros can create a chatbot strategy for customer service that aligns with business benefits that transform engagement.

    Join this webinar featuring Forrester to learn how

    • • Cost reduction alone does not provide for a compelling business case
    • • The voice of the customer exists in the conversation
    • • Enterprises gain three strategic benefits as they deploy, maintain, and optimize chatbots
  • From Chaos to Control - How AI and Robotic Technologies Will Shape the Future

    Presented by Dennis Amorosano & Don Purpura, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc.

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation – we’ve all heard about these technologies, but can they fully automate the business process of the future? How will they impact us beyond automation? In what way will they affect (or disrupt) how we work, the type of work we do, and if we even have work? Can we gain control over business process at a level that has no precedence in the past? The increasing intelligence and collaboration already entering the market are beginning to shift our organizational roles – to blend IT and Business, and allow us to acquire knowledge and manage information in an entirely new way.Join the keynote session by Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, consistently ranked in the top 3 in U.S. patents, to hear unique perspectives on how AI and Robotics will shape the future.

  • The CIO’s Guide To Automation, AI, And Robotics

    Presented by guest speaker JP Gownder, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Automation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and physical robots give CIOs the chance to help their company rethink its business model and drive customer obsession. Rather than seeing automation as a cost-cutting move, customer-obsessed CIOs consider these technologies tools for reshaping customer experiences. But automation can only succeed when CIOs make the right investments in strategic competencies. This report gives CIOs a consolidated view of the value, goals, and best practices of automation.

    Join this webinar featuring Forrester to learn how

    • • Automation Can Revolutionize The Business Impact Of Technology
    • • Your Goal Should Be To Drive Up To Three Business Goals With Automation
    • • CIOs Must Raise Automation To The Level Of A Strategic Competency

Available Recordings

  • PeopleSoft Product Line Update and Ongoing Investment Strategy

    Presented by Marc Weintraub, Oracle

    In this session hear from Marc Weintraub, Oracle Vice President about the latest capabilities you can take advantage of in today's PeopleSoft. Discover how Oracle's continued investment in PeopleSoft can benefit your organization. Understand how Selective Adoption is positively impacting customers. Realize the numerous ways you can maximize your investment in PeopleSoft. Learn more about PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud (IaaS/PaaS) and the value it is bringing to customers. Understand what's driving the ongoing investment in PeopleSoft and the PeopleSoft roadmap. Walk away from this session knowing that today's PeopleSoft continues to be intuitive, powerful, and on the cloud.

  • Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: Using PeopleSoft’s Cloud Manager

    Presented by Mark Hoernemann, Oracle

    Some customers have used the cloud as a PeopleSoft hosting environment for years, but some of our most recent enhancements offer tremendous opportunities for improved operational efficiency. Come to this session to discover how the PeopleSoft Deployment Framework and the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager software help customers and partners achieve higher service levels and greater automation in managing their PeopleSoft environments. If you manage PeopleSoft systems, this session will help you do the job much more efficiently and economically.

  • How the Government of Lane County, OR Leveraged PeopleSoft to Increase User Engagement

    Presented by Mike Finch, Lane County, OR

    IT and HR leaders for the government of Lane County, Oregon faced a growing problem. Due to the diverse nature of their workforce’s various job functions and the increasing demand of mobile applications, Lane County began experiencing decreased engagement with their existing PeopleSoft environment amongst their 1,000’s of users. In reaction, reversing this trend became a mission critical objective for senior leadership. Join Mike Finch, Chief Information Officer of Lane County, Oregon as he describes how his organization was able to not just reverse this trend of disengagement, but drastically increase employee engagement. All while implementing additional data protection measures to ensure that increased engagement and access did not come at the cost of sacrificing security.

  • Hennepin County's Fluid Story

    Presented by Pamela Dymoke and Edgar Ogechi, Hennepin County

    Hennepin County Implemented Tools 8.55 and Fluid in fall 2017. This session will focus on Phase 1 of their Fluid implementation, specifically on Homepages, Tiles and Navigation Collections. Learn about how they gained user acceptance of their design and the development/configuration of homepages, tiles and navigation collections in a portal environment with FSCM, HCM, and ELM.

  • Provide Reports using PeopleSoft Fluid and Pivot Grid Technology

    Presented by Jatni Blandon, The Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County

    The Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County leverages the use of PeopleSoft Fluid and Pivot Grid technology to deliver value to our customers' reporting experiences. As part of our 9.2 upgrade and Fluid implementation, we were faced with the challenge of converting payroll reports previously created in Crystal to a different technology. Our customers' requirements included easy access to the reports at login, minimal to no navigation, no run controls, secure the data by departments, ability to filter the data real time and ability to export to excel. We were able to provide these requirements and even made it visually appealing by using Fluid tiles and pivot grids charts.

  • Building Regression Tests with PeopleSoft Test Framework

    Presented by Dave Bain, Oracle

    Regression testing is becoming a more important part of the life cycle management process. PeopleSoft Test Framework is provided as part of PeopleTools to help with that effort, but getting started isn't easy. In this session we'll look at strategies to build test cases including using delivered test cases, what's new with PTF and leveraging the PeopleTools Deployment Architecture.