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Experience Last Year's RECONNECT

2016 Highlights

100+Cross-Industry Expert Speakers

180+PeopleSoft-focused sessions

20+Hours of networking with like users

What Attendees Say

"The ability to have discussions with other companies using the same products was extremely beneficial. Hearing how other companies have implemented certain versions of PeopleSoft and what they are doing to overcome challenges will be helpful to my company."
"The fact that it is ALL PeopleSoft is fantastic. There is a session for everyone at every time slot so an exceptional value!"
"The networking with others in my area of expertise and learning how they use PeopleSoft was invaluable."
"RECONNECT has a highly concentrated availability of peers, vendors, and other excellent resources to talk through the latest options from PeopleSoft - as well as the PeopleSoft experts themselves!"

Convince Your Boss


Map Out Your Conference Agenda

What are your organization’s biggest PeopleSoft challenges? Use these challenges as a guide when selecting from the 150+ education and networking sessions and show your boss how the knowledge you’ll get at RECONNECT will help find solutions.


Make a Plan

Customize our letter template to summarize the costs of attending RECONNECT. There are multiple ways to save on your registration, so don’t forget to include those in your letter! Be prepared with a plan for how your workload will be handled while you’re away, too.


Bring It Back to the Office

You’ll leave RECONNECT inspired, informed, and energized. Prepare a post-conference briefing for your teammates so you can share everything you learned and begin implementing the ready-to-use strategies and tools you acquired.

Some of the 180+ Companies who have attended include: