INFOCUS Terms and Conditions

Non-Payment Clause

Once a registration is submitted it becomes binding and fees are due and payable according to the terms herein. If you cancel the registration, or do not attend the conference, the registration fees as dictated by the cancellation policy below remain due and are nonrefundable.

Early-bird discount pricing applies only when registration fees are received in full by Quest, not based on the date of registration. If an attendee registers early, but pays after the early-bird deadline the next tier of registration pricing will apply.

Quest reserves the right to reject any registration not in compliance with conference eligibility requirements. Quest will only refund registration fees as the cancellation policy listed below dictates for any rejected registrations based on the date of rejection.

If a registration is purchased as a paid member is in the previous year and the membership is not renewed prior the end of membership renewals in January 2017, the registrant will be subject to the non-member registration rate.

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are due at the time of registration. Any registration without a valid credit card payment at the time of registration will be required to re-register.

Check Payments

A copy of the registration confirmation letter is required with the registrant’s payment to ensure proper allocation. Check must be payable to Quest International Users Group – INFOCUS17. Check payments are due within 30 days of registration and prior to rate changes. All payments are due prior to August 10, 2017 or the registration will be cancelled and re-registering at the current rate will be required to attend conference.

Once the check payment is received additional payment confirmation will be sent. If the check is returned or cannot be process, the registration will be cancelled. Please allow 5-7 business days for the processing of conference payments upon receipt by Quest.

Check Mailing

Quest International Users Group
INFOCUS Conference Registration
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A325 Lexington, KY 40504


No refunds will be given for this event unless there are extreme circumstances. Cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted by August 10, 2017 for consideration. Submissions after the conference start will not be considered. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Quest by the above dates via the myConference Cancellation Request Form online


Substitutions for paid registrants must be completed online by August 10, 2017 by submission through Quest’s myConference registration management tool. Changes may also be made onsite by presenting a letter on company letterhead detailing the substitution. Substitutions made from an individual Quest member to a non-Quest member will render the member discount void. No other penalty will be applied for substitutions.

Information Shared with Exhibitors

Exhibitors receive an attendee mailing list once prior to and post conference as part of their sponsorship. By completing a conference registration, attendees automatically opt-in to this, only exclusions are Canadians who have the ability to opt due to privacy laws. This list contains mailing information and limited product data. Exhibitors do not receive phone numbers, fax numbers or email addresses. Quest also permits a set number of sponsors a blind email through Quest to attendees, and during registration attendees can opt-out of these sponsor emails.

Many exhibitors collect business cards and most scan badges at their booth. Some are allowed to scan during other sponsored functions, but not during education. If an attendee offers their business card or have their badge scanned at the areas mentioned, Quest views this as voluntarily providing information to the vendor.

Photography and Videography Notice

Photographers and video technicians will be present. By virtue of attendance at the conference, the registrant consents to and authorizes the use of their image on video or in photographs by Quest.

This includes any reproduction of the image(s) in any media whatsoever, in connection Quest's promotion of the program, materials and services. Also, please note that education sessions may not be video or audio taped by an attendee or speaker.

Notice on Speakers

Opinions expressed by speakers at the conference are their own opinions and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Quest. Quest does not provide technical, software, legal, accounting, tax or other professional services or advice, nor do they endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any opinions or information expressed or provided by speakers at the conference.