Oracle at INFOCUS 2017

INFOCUS 2017 offered numerous and unique ways to interact and connect with JD Edwards strategy and development teams.

JD Edwards Keynote: JD Edwards Matters and Why It Should Matter To You

Attendees joined Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President and General Manager, to explore how JD Edwards empowers organizations to thrive in the business reality of a digital economy.

Meet the Experts

INFOCUS attendees had the opportunity to meet the experts from Oracle JD Edwards development to see what was new and ask questions about how to use new capabilities and leverage them for their companies. Sessions focused on System Administration, Applications, UX One, EnterpriseOne Upgrades and Developer Tools.

JD Edwards Ideathon

We invited all customers who had solutions who solved a strategic business opportunity using JD Edwards applications, technology and tools to submit their solutions to the JD Edwards Ideathon contest. The JD Edwards executive team judged the final five solutions and awarded a winner from the submissions. The winning solution was given consideration to be included in a future JD Edwards release.

More JD Edwards Strategists than Anywhere Else

Lyle Ekdahl invites you to INFOCUS
Bob Monahan invites you to INFOCUS
Manuel Neyra invites you to INFOCUS
Ward Quarles invites you to INFOCUS