2017 Content

Stay tuned for 2018 information coming soon!


Sessions covered capital asset management, rental management, resource assignments, equipment cost analysis and more.


Attendees learned how to design and define application objects, enable applications to serve various locations and language while sharing the same data, define end-to-end processes in a user-friendly, graphical design environment and more.


Attendees learned about accounts payable, accounts receivable, advanced cost accounting, expense management, fixed asset accounting, general ledgers, OneView Reporting and more to help them extend their return on investment.

Human Capital Management

Attendees learned about how the products of human resource management, payroll, self-services and time and labor can streamline their HCM strategies.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Attendees learned about synchronizing end-to-end processes including demand and supply management, shop floor and inventory operations and quality, logistics, and customer service.

Real Estate

Attendees learned about effectively managing real property investments as an owner or landlord, streamlining and optimizing financial and operational processes.

Supply Chain Management

Attendees learned about reducing inventory and operational costs while improving customer service.


Attendees learned how infrastructure tools help them easily install, update, manage, and get the most from their JD Edwards applications.


Attendees learned about the simplified upgrade process, advanced job forecasting, One View Financial statements, revenue recognition, outbound inventory management and more new features.

JD Edwards World

Attendees learned about sharing information, boosting performance, trimming costs, and driving profitable growth on their platforms.


Attendees received hands-on training and a deep-dive into JD Edwards topics such as security, digital transformation and user experience.