October 2016

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Experience for yourself the best that SIGs have to offer

Quest International Users Group produced the 2nd annual SIG Experience Week (SXW) October 18-20 showcasing the best SIGs have to offer encompassing Quest’s three pillars: content, networking and advocacy.

Take a look back at this year’s keynotes, hot-topic education sessions and networking through open discussions.

How do I access SIG Experience 2016 Presentations?

  • Step 1 - After logging in to your Quest account, visit the Quest Content Library under the Education drop-down menu
  • Step 2 - Search for " SIG Experience 2016" to provide a list of all SIG Experience Week content.
  • Step 3 - Click the title of each session.
  • Step 4 - Click the "Download File" button on the following page to access the session materials or click the External Resource Link to view recording.
  • Step 5 - Select to download and save the PDF to your computer.

SIG Experience Week is made possible by:

JD Edwards Day

Sponsored by EmeraldCube Solutions
SXW JD Edwards Sponsor - EmeraldCube

PeopleSoft Day

Sponsored by InFlight Corporation
SXW PeopleSoft Sponsor - InFlight Corporation

Cross-Product Day

Content provided by Oracle
SXW Cross Product Day

SXW Registration

Registration for SIG Experience Week 2016 has closed

JD Edwards Day

Sponsored by EmeraldCube Solutions
SXW JD Edwards Day Tuesday, October 18

PeopleSoft Day

Sponsored by Inflight Corporation
SXW PeopleSoft Day Wednesday, October 19

Cross-Product Day

Covering multiple Oracle products
SXW Cross Product Day Thursday, October 20

User Groups

Within Quest there is a network of user groups that focus on networking and knowledge sharing specific to the members' similar interest. For a list of all groups supported by Quest International Users Group, please see the User Group home page.

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