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2017 Agenda

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    11:00 am - 12:15 pm ET
    • PeopleSoft and Quest Opening SessionQuest International Users Group and Oracle
    Presented by Marc Weintraub, Oracle, & Quest International Users Group

    In this session hear from Oracle about the latest capabilities you can take advantage of in today's PeopleSoft. Discover how Oracle's continued investment in PeopleSoft can benefit your organization. Experience new features that enable PeopleSoft beyond the four walls of your enterprise - engaging applicants, suppliers, and customers. Learn more about PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud (IaaS/PaaS) and the value it is bringing to customers. Understand what's driving the ongoing investment in PeopleSoft, the PeopleSoft roadmap, and the PeopleSoft UI strategy including Fluid UI and Classic Plus. Walk away from this session knowing that today's PeopleSoft continues to be intuitive, powerful, and on the cloud.

    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET
    • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Update and RoadmapOracle
    • PeopleSoft Financials Update and RoadmapOracle
    • PeopleTools Update and RoadmapOracle

    PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Update and Roadmap

    Presented by Oracle

    This session will provide an update of the latest features available for Oracle's PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) applications including human resources, workforce management, talent management, and help desk. You will see live demonstrations of recently delivered features and a preview of upcoming functionality such as planned PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (Fluid) capabilities, administrator features, guided self service, and self service analytics. You will also learn about what successful customers are doing with their PeopleSoft HCM solutions including deployment of Fluid in order to deliver a modern, easy to use HR system to their employees.

    PeopleSoft Financials Update and Roadmap

    Presented by Oracle

    Attend this session to get an update of continuous innovations within Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial solutions that support reduced costs, expanded visibility, and analysis as well as automation of controls. Come and see how PeopleSoft Financials expands value to your organization stakeholders by increasing productivity through the powerful and easy to use PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, provides users with even more reporting power, and reduces operational costs through efficient business processes. This session will also showcase the planned roadmap for PeopleSoft Financials to be delivered through future PeopleSoft Update Images that supports continuous innovation needed to execute your organization directives.

    PeopleTools Update and Roadmap

    Presented by Oracle

    Oracle continues to deliver exceptional features with its latest PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools. In this session, you will hear what is new with PeopleTools and how PeopleSoft plans to further increase the value of the applications by adopting key technology innovations. You will see what is next for PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, running PeopleSoft on the cloud, managing PeopleSoft environments and more. Oracle’s strategy is to continue to extend the value of your PeopleSoft investment.

    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
    • Adopting Fluid in HCM 9.2 PUM 16 PT 8.55 - Customer ExperienceSpartanNash
    • PeopleSoft Procurement Update and Roadmap Oracle
    • Engage and Deliver with PeopleSoft Projects (ESA) and Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)Oracle
    • PeopleSoft Search: Transitioning from Oracle’s SES to ElasticsearchOracle
    • PeopleSoft Lease Administration and the upcoming lease accounting standard changes, ASC 842 & IFRS 16MIPRO Consulting
    • PeopleSoft 9.2 Talent Management and Onboarding OverviewWorkStrategy

    PeopleSoft Lease Administration and the upcoming lease accounting standard changes, ASC 842 & IFRS 16

    Presented by MIPRO Consulting

    PeopleSoft Lease Administration is a fully integrated solution for property & equipment lease management. Built in functionality includes direct integration with PeopleSoft Asset Management, Accounts Payable, Billing and your General Ledger System.

    Lease Administration’s built-in processing helps to ensure that organizations make & record payments on time by automating rent generation, operating expense schedules, security deposits. Built-in processing also will automatically generate the required journal entries to support the current accounting standards for leases and the upcoming ASC 842/IFRS 16 changes.

    This session will be interactive and attendees will be encouraged to participate with questions relative to their business requirements. During this time we will have the opportunity to take deeper dives on key topics including the upcoming accounting standards change where needed and tailor the session to the attending audience.

    Adopting Fluid in HCM 9.2 PUM 16 PT 8.55 - Customer Experience

    Presented by SpartanNash

    This presentation covers how SpartanNash adopted Fluid as part of their recent HCM upgrade. While some upgrade details and lessons learned will be shared, the overall content of this session will convey the Fluid experience for Candidate Gateway and Manager/Employee Self-Service functions from this customer's perspective.

    PeopleSoft 9.2 Talent Management and Onboarding Overview

    Presented by WorkStrategy

    WorkStrategy will provide attendees with an overview of some key concepts and best practice implementation tips for the Talent Management and OnBoarding modules. Presenters will review the latest features in the following modules: Profile Management, OnBoarding, ePerformance, Succession & Career Planning, and eComp MD.

    Come hear about some of the new PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 and Fluid-based enhancements including navigation improvements, Employee Snapshot, WorkCenter and Activity Guides, Pivot Grid Analytics, talent profiles, Elasticsearch, and decision support tools.


    • Review new 9.2 Talent Management suite functionality
    • Understand improvements to HR and workforce productivity
    • Learn about new Fluid Onboarding and Employee Snapshot features

    PeopleSoft Procurement Update and Roadmap

    Presented by Oracle

    In this session, you will discover the key investment areas in PeopleSoft Procurement. You will learn about specific new and planned features for PeopleSoft’s procurement applications and how they can help increase efficiency, improve user adoption and improve the bottom line. See how to increase user adoption utilizing PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface for improved usability, achieve time efficiencies and bottom-line savings with the PeopleSoft Supplier Lifecycle Management solution, and automate compliance and reduce spend with integrated sourcing and contract solutions.

    Engage and Deliver with PeopleSoft Projects (ESA) and Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)

    Presented by Oracle

    Attend this session to get insight into PeopleSoft’s innovations and future direction for ESA and ALM to allow your organization to keep up with today’s project management challenges and manage your asset portfolio in the most efficient manner possible.

    PeopleSoft Search: Transitioning from Oracle’s SES to Elasticsearch

    Presented by Oracle

    Over the past year we have announced that Oracle PeopleSoft is moving from Oracle’s Secure Enterprise Search (SES) to Elasticsearch. PeopleSoft support for SES will end in April 2018, and Elasticsearch will be the only search engine supported in PeopleTools 8.56 and later releases, so customers should understand the transition to Elasticsearch. Most customers have welcomed this announcement. PeopleSoft’s implementation of Elasticsearch is much easier to deploy and administer than SES, and Elasticsearch’s performance—both in indexing and retrieving results—is superior. In this session you will how to transition your PeopleSoft environments from SES to Elasticsearch. We’ll also cover resource requirements and administering your Elasticsearch environment.

    3:15 pm - 4:45 pm ET
    • Indiana PTF Follow-up: Can PTF Ease the Burden of End-To-End Testing in SOI Test Cycles?Indiana Office of Technology
    • Deployment Automation using DPK, Puppet and AnsibleUniversity of Colorado
    • PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator: Customization is No Longer a Bad WordOracle
    • Fluid UI for PeopleSoft HCM - Functional and Technical DiscussionOracle
    • How to Better Manage PeopleSoft Accounts Payable in a Growing CompanyCanon Information & Imaging Solutions, Inc.

    Indiana PTF Follow-up: Can PTF Ease the Burden of End-To-End Testing in SOI Test Cycles?

    Presented by Indiana Office of Technology

    In late 2013, State of Indiana chose to pursue PTF as an automated testing solution. The initial goal was to use automation for improving our cumbersome End-To-End (E2E) testing process. We contracted development of PTF tests for all Financials modules. Unfortunately, resource shortages kept the planned debut of our newly created PTF tests from being implemented during our 2015 Oracle database conversion testing. Then more misfortune when our PeopleTools upgrade disabled our unwieldy collection of PTF tests and our burgeoning PTF skillset was stifled in repairing them. 2016 brought a reboot of our Oracle conversion project and also allowed us time to master the PTF tool and to repair our tests. In Q4 2016, our PTF tests will be going head-to-head against a nearly identical manual testing of our E2E process. I will describe our path to "mastery" of PTF and compare/contrast PTF's results to our manual E2E testing process

    Deployment Automation using DPK, Puppet and Ansible

    Presented by University of Colorado

    Take advantage of Oracle's new for 8.55 DPK installation process. At the University of Colorado we are using a Puppet Server/Agent configuration to install instances from the DPK packages from a minimal VM to a running, configured, system. Post install we are using Ansible for the orchestration of day to day administrative tasks.

    PeopleSoft: Thriving on the Oracle Cloud with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

    Presented by Oracle

    You've heard plenty about 'the cloud', but what does it really mean to a PeopleSoft customer? What benefits are customers seeing, and what options are out there for deploying PeopleSoft to the Oracle Cloud? Oracle has a number of options Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) available, including Bare Metal Cloud. Come to this session to hear about Oracle Cloud benefits, options and future directions for the PeopleSoft customers. Find out how PeopleSoft Cloud Manager simplifies managing and provisioning your PeopleSoft environment, and what enhancements to watch for in the future.

    PeopleSoft Page and Field Configurator: Customization is No Longer a Bad Word

    Presented by Oracle

    Sometimes you want to make minor changes to existing pages, but your IT department tells you "customization" is a bad word and you shouldn't do it. Enter the new PeopleSoft Page & Field Configurator; an innovative new configurable framework from the PeopleSoft ESA team that will become part of Enterprise Components (meaning you can use it with nearly any PeopleSoft page). We'll show you how to change labels, hide, disable, or default field values...even enforce edits. These can change by user role, other criteria, and more...just by using a simple configuration page.

    Fluid UI for PeopleSoft HCM - Functional and Technical Discussion

    Presented by Oracle

    This session shares examples of what customers have done with PeopleSoft Fluid to meet the expectations of employees and staff who want an easy, modern user experience via their mobile device when interacting with HR. We will also share the latest Fluid product investments for you to leverage in your production environment. We will also review what you need to do to get prepared for deploying Fluid in your organization and what maintenance will be like for you moving forward. This session will also focuses on the technical setup of fluid enabled components including the use of Page Composer for Fluid Approvals, Fluid Activity Guide Composer for guided processes, Fluid Navigation Collections for productivity, and Fluid Simplified Analytics for data analysis. We will also cover frequently asked questions and review best practices for getting started with developing and deploying Fluid.

    How to Better Manage PeopleSoft Accounts Payable in a Growing Company

    Presented by Canon Information & Imaging Solutions, Inc.

    Does your AP process seem like it’s becoming too complex to manage? Evolving business practices, a growing number of vendors, manual processes, unrelenting cost pressures, and ever increasing regulatory environment can overwhelm Accounts Payable departments.

    Join us to hear a real-life story of a growing company that leverages automation to set the stage for the future, using capabilities such as intelligent invoice capture, online collaboration and business analytics. Learn how AP automation can enable you to:

    • Spend less to process invoices
    • Post more invoices straight-through, with no operator intervention
    • Have better visibility into enterprise spending
    • Capture more early-payment discounts
    • Maximize your PeopleSoft investment
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm ET
    • PeopleSoft Fluid Customer PanelAlameda County, Wells Fargo & University of Colorado
    • The New Leasing Guidance and Its Impact to PeopleSoft Asset Management and Lease AdministrationOracle
    • Reap the Financial Rewards of PeopleSoft WorkCenters and Fluid UIOracle
    • Your PeopleSoft Cloud Questions, AnsweredVelocity Technology

    PeopleSoft Fluid Customer Panel

    Presented by Alameda County, Wells Fargo & University of Colorado

    Customers are achieving great success with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. In this session learn how customers across the board are using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface in the real world.

    Your PeopleSoft Cloud Questions, Answered

    Presented by Velocity Technology

    Do you have more questions than answers about whether running PeopleSoft in the cloud is right for your organization? Cloud can feel overwhelming and downright scary if you don’t know where to turn. Get the basics: Which cloud model should I be considering? When is the best time to move to the cloud? What are the steps and considerations along the way? What does a migration to cloud look like? What are the expected benefits of running PeopleSoft in the cloud?

    In this session Velocity Technology Solutions will answer these questions and feature ACN, Inc., who will share why -- and how -- they decided to migrate their PeopleSoft environment to the public cloud.

    With over 15 years supporting PeopleSoft customers, Velocity helps organizations navigate today’s challenging cloud environments, while enabling them to maximize their Peoplesoft investment.

    The New Leasing Guidance and Its Impact to PeopleSoft Asset Management and Lease Administration

    Presented by Oracle

    In 2016, the FASB and IASB issued new accounting guidance that changes the guidelines by which to account for leases. In this session, you will learn more about the delivered and planned enhancements to PeopleSoft Asset Management and Lease Administration to help customers transition to and adopt the new accounting standards.

    Reap the Financial Rewards of PeopleSoft WorkCenters and Fluid UI

    Presented by Oracle

    Your focus is to do more with less. Every organization needs to achieve objectives quickly with high levels of accuracy. Oracle's PeopleSoft Financials delivers numerous WorkCenters that change the work paradigm and support efficiency when identifying, delegating, and executing critical work functions. The PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI) expands the paradigm shift to free up operations managers to manage and delegate work at any time supporting business objectives and the critical financial close. Attend this session to hear Oracle discuss how to leverage WorkCenters and Fluid UI to reap the financial rewards for your organization. Oracle will provide guidance on the best approach to rolling out the power that can be yours.