Delivering Value: Quest PeopleSoft Content In 2017

by Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager |

Recently, Quest’s Customer Learning Director Charlie Knapp posted a blog entitled What’s New in Quest Content? which gives an overview of Quest’s content direction for 2017. Similarly, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of PeopleSoft Strategy also did a blog a few weeks ago entitled 2016 Year In Review, 2017 Looking Forward, where she talks about the productive year PeopleSoft have had and their plans for 2017.
These are both excellent resources, and I would encourage you to read them. While there is a lot of good information in both, I would like to dive a little deeper into how Quest’s content and PeopleSoft’s product direction will specifically affect the PeopleSoft Quest community in 2017.
Quest will continue to serve PeoplesSoft users across all pillars and all industries, but will spend some extra efforts helping customers achieve success in a few key areas.
In our PeopleSoft community survey conducted in November of 2016, we found that 40% of customers still have not formed a Selective Adoption Strategy. We also found that of the companies that have a Selective Adoption strategy, only 41% are selectively adopting new features regularly. Based on this data, Quest will produce more content focused on helping customers achieve a Selective Adoption strategy that incorporates regularly adopting new features and functionality.
In that same survey, we found that 72% of customers aren’t using Fluid User Interface and that, of that 72%, there are 46% that have plans to user Fluid User Interface. This data shows that the next big “wave” will come from customers wanting to go Fluid and we want to provide the information needed to create a strategy, implement and deploy within a company.
The survey results also show that PeopleSoft customers are satisfied with their product and their environment, but Oracle is obviously very focused on the Cloud. Questions we're hearing customers ask is, “What does Oracle’s focus on the Cloud mean for my PeopleSoft environment? How should I plan for the long-term? What does the PeopleSoft roadmap look like?” We want to be able to help you understand what your options are within PeopleSoft as well as how Cloud can help your PeopleSoft environment.
Again, we aren’t going to leave other topics behind, but based off the information the customers have given us we feel a need to put some emphasis on these topics to help keep our PeopleSoft customers not just satisfied with their product, but also with Quest’s services.
Like Oracle’s goals outlined by Rebekah in her blog, we want to “get all customers engaged” and “deliver, deliver, deliver” which means we have to deliver more and more content on a more regular basis. The beauty of continuous delivery, though, is that there is always a lot of exciting things to share with the customers!
PeopleSoft Content Centers
One piece of content we are proud to share is our PeopleSoft Strategic Content Centers. These are collections of topic-specific content curated by our staff editor to deliver the best, most relevant information about hot topics emerging in the PeopleSoft community.
Alongside the PeopleSoft Strategic Content Centers, we have launched PeopleSoft Customer Stories as a means of showcasing what our customers are doing and how they are optimizing their systems. We know that the best way to learn is from other customers that have been in the same spots you have been. These stories are designed to give you access to information about what other customers like you are doing with their PeopleSoft product, and give you ways to connect and network with them.
Keep an eye out for even more content as we will soon be launching PeopleSoft Strategic Content Centers that will provide information abound new releases by pillar.
In 2016, webinars were a huge success with approximately 6,000 participants, 90 webinars, and an overall satisfaction score of 4.33 out of 5. We will continue to host webinars throughout the year and partner with Oracle even more to deliver content outside of COLLABORATE, RECONNECT, and OpenWorld. We will continue to host the three-day Virtual Online Learning event near the end of the year and introduce one-day virtual events around industries throughout the year. We will also introduce new formats to webinar education like question and answer sessions, as well as customer and partner panels, to name a few.
PeopleSoft Blogs
Last year we started categorizing the Quest blogs by product to be able to provide more relevant information to our customers. You will begin to see more posts on our PeopleSoft blog around webinars, update images, customer stories, and much more.
If you would like to subscribe to our PeopleSoft blog, you can indicate the frequency with which you want to be notified on the right column of the PeopleSoft Blogs landing page. If you have a site login, you can also change your subscriptions in the My Preferences section of your Dashboard.
Other Resources
We also want to make sure you see all the great resources that Oracle PeopleSoft pushes out, like the Planned Features and Enhancements page on My Oracle Support, the Cumulative Feature Overview tool that will tell you what they’ve delivered, and the Apps Strategy BlogLegislative Blog, and Technology Blog which will keep you informed of important new developments as they occur.
We want to be the main resource for all your PeopleSoft needs around education and networking. Our number one goal is to be able to provide you what you need to make the best decision for your company when it comes to your PeopleSoft environment. If you would like specific content that we aren’t covering or want more content in a specific media, please feel free to reach out to me at We would be happy to deliver the information you are looking for.

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Posted by Quest Editor on Feb 6, 2017 4:45 PM EST