Mission Statement

Quest enables companies to solve business problems and derive value through their Oracle and related investments by facilitating the best education, collaboration, and advocacy.


Our values describe us and define us, and they'll help you get to know us better too.

We strive for growth and accomplishment - Driven by growth and accomplishment, volunteer and staff member growth leads to user growth and, ultimately, a stronger community. As an organization, we are leaders in our industry and drivers of change for the benefit of the Quest community.

We value experiences that make a difference - Memorable experiences go beyond the average; they become powerful, motivating moments filled with inspiration, initiative and fostering new ideas that inspire and encourage! Through Events, SIGs and everyday activities, Quest strives to provide our Users with just such experiences.

Relationships really are key - Foundational to the success of the Quest User Group are the meaningful and sustainable business relationships we’ve established over time and continue to nurture. Users turning to us for information, networking and Oracle insights trust us as solid stewards of that relationship, and, as a reliable partner.

Resilience: Never Give Up; Never Surrender! - Through the tech bubble, terrorist attacks, or a serious economic recession, Quest “weathers the storms” in order to provide Users with the solutions that meet their needs.

This indomitable spirit allows us to push through the day-to-day mole-hill of challenges, as well as the mountains of surprise, that could impede another’s progress.

Committed to serve - We centered the Quest founding purpose on making a difference in our members' and customers' professional lives. As an organization built around understanding the value of people willing to share their time and talents, we honor that service through our own work.

From our event volunteers to our SIG Leaders to our Board of Directors, all voluntarily share their experience and knowledge toward improving the Community, and growing the Quest vision.

There really isn’t an “I” in Team - Remember what Spock said to Kirk: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Quest team members believe and work at that every day.

As a team, we achieve more than any one of us could ever do alone. Be it coordinating an event, identifying topical content or simply coming together to stuff envelopes, our inclusive focus ensures we make the best decisions possible for our Users, members and partners.

Transparency = Clarity - Through honest relationships and open communication, we’ve developed a strong sense of trust with our partners, Users and members.

This reputation of trust for delivering the straight answers to hard questions was (and is) hard-won; and, the approach continues to prove the best course for serving the Quest Community, as well as, one in which we take great pride.

We work hard; we play hard; we know balance - Our "Quester" title carries with it no small expectation of effort to achieve our goals and continuously improve our User Group. As our own toughest critics, we demonstrate a high-level of effort to our members and partners throughout our day-to-day business.

Yet we also believe life is balance: the organization understands the necessity of maintaining equilibrium between work and home, and, we seek ways to assist our volunteers and employees find that balance.

Having that balance allows us to perform better, live better, and to better serve our members.